Pickled sausage PREMIUM 670g

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859 404444 895 1

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(at the time of processing): sausage 46.3% by weight, pork 48% by weight, beef 27% by weight, lard, skin emulsion, milk protein, drinking water, edible salt, preservative: E 250; solamyl, spice mixture, dye E 120, flavor enhancer: E 621, stabilizer: E 451, antioxidant: E 316. Vegetable and spice additives 13.4% by weight, onion 9% by weight, hot pepper, vegetable pepper, new spices, black pepper, bay leaf.

Infusion: drinking water, alcoholic fermented vinegar, sugar, edible salt.

The product is slightly hot.

About the brand

Traditionally good!

We produce high quality products with high meat percentage. Recently, we have expanded the Rekord range with an offer of quality meat products packed in glass jars, as well as ready-made meals and traditional luncheon meat with a 75% meat share. We also offer vegetarian spreads and spreads made of genuine „ Olomoucké tvarůžky“ cheese. We carefully select the ingredients for the production of our meat and vegetarian products.

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